HandyOptics Corporation
Products to Enhance Vision Management Experience
Creating a range of vision enhancement management tools: both Hardware and Software.

Focusing on applications for Smartphones and coming Google Glass.

Augmented reality and smart reality for Google Glass.

Where ever you are in the world - whether physical world or virtual reality, or in the world of augmented (and Smart reality)using Google Glass, HandyOptics Products will make your life more visually powerful, productive, easy to navigate in all levels of Reality.

Applications for Smartphones for Health and Fitness, Locating anything in your near and far environment - in any store, on any website our products will give you power over the location of any object in the environment for fast, easy, location and subsequent interaction with that object.

Could be purchase, going to object and or sites or locations inside sites (physical and virtual and web).

Augmented reality applications for Google Glass providing full 360 degree vision and location of all objects in your vicinity
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